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Project: Parachute
A drop of laughter for children of trauma

Welcome To Project:Parachute!

[ Children playing a parachute game. ]

Children have the right to play and the right to access the arts.

Article 31 of the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child

The simple act of laughter can have a powerful therapeutic influence on children and adults alike. Laughter is a part of a normal healthy childhood.

The laughter of children seems like such a small, insignificant, transient thing.

Until it falls silent.

Children who have lived through periods of extreme trauma, be they war, famine or a random act of extreme violence have little to smile about. Their laughter falls silent.

Project:Parachute aims to introduce a drop of laughter into the lives of these children.

The laughter of a child is the hope for a better tomorrow. Just like a child's laughter, hope is infectious.